1. What is InfluenceUP?

InfluenceUp is a series of unique learning experiences for brands, agencies and creators looking to take their digital marketing experience to the next level. The series includes professional yet interactive courses to engage brands in the area of influencer marketing as well as an integrated influencer academy program which seeks to empower creators to realise new revenues and stay relevant in the digital marketing landscape.


2. What format does the course take?

The course takes an offline-to-online approach with curriculum developed by Gushcloud, South East Asia’s leading influencer marketing agency and CreatorUp, a YouTube certified digital media education platform, and features expert trainers who tailor curriculum based on brand, agency and creator needs.


3. Who should take the course?

Brands and agencies looking to scale their influencer / creator programs; Creators looking to improve their professional branding to companies, realise new revenues and stay relevant in the digital marketing landscape.


4. How long is the course? Will it take up a lot of my team’s time?

Courses range from half a day, full day, 2-day, to 3-day courses. Courses, no matter the length, can be spread over a maximum of 2 weeks to suit the schedule and needs of brands and agencies. After the courses, 1-1 consultation for work groups / project teams can be arranged as well with the trainers.


Creators can choose from the same time frames as well, however courses will be consecutively conducted to ensure the maximum hands-on learning.

5. What can I expect to take take away from the course?

Experts from the field of video content creation and influencer campaign creation will guide you through modules that seek to empower marketing teams to with the latest content generation strategies. In addition through a unique hands-on experience that includes  Powerup Activities and Learning Labs, brands and agencies will take away actionable steps in the form of Digital Action Plans.